Tokyo Hidden Wonders!   Terrific  private Local tour.

 Shiinamachi  neighborhood Tour   ¥4,000    2 hours tour     

(*for one participant, ¥6,000 )      

Tour detail: 2 hours walking tour.

We will go around Shiinamachi station and the local shopping streets.

You can get a feel of real Japanese life and culture. We will visit a shrine,

 a temple, a specialty green tea shop, and a grocery store. I will introduce you to the daily life in Japan and some of our unique specialties. This can indeed boost your Tokyo stay.  It is very fun and exciting!  

Greeting from the guide: Hello, my name is Kumi. I’m a licensed guide. I talk and talk about from historical matters to funny trivia topics. Please join this tour! This is very worth it. I'm looking forward to meeting you all !

 ・Recommended Inn in the Shiinamachi neighborhood.

 * Family Inn Saiko 

   *Sheena to Ippei

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